I love American ads

I love American ads

Carls Jr – the most patriotic burger ever. Lachie and I drove around for 3 hours trying to find one of these places.

Golden Corral Buffet – mmmmmm—–errica

Outback Steakhouse new steak menu. We went there. Everything basically has masterfoods “steak seasoning” on it.

Matthew McConaughey and the Lincoln MKZ – He’s gone creepy

Lets talk about linking accounts

Lets talk about linking accounts

I remember when I used to use Instagram as the platform to edit and host images, which was then shared across multiple other networks with the touch of a button. Photos of my lunch were delivered to fans within seconds.

In fact I remember when it was cool to link Facebook and Twitter accounts( said no one ever). But seriously everyone did it.
LinkedIn to Twitter, tumblr to Twitter, everything ton twitter and vice versa. It’s all too easy. But I’m pleading with you MAKE IT STOP.
Social media networks are mostly in some sort of argument with Facebook or apps owned by Facebook. This is why the images you used to tweet from Instagram don’t show in your Twitter feed, rather an annoying link that few people can be bothered clicking.
If you want your content to work effectively you need to consider how it is going to be consumed and what will give you the best results. If you’re lazy you’re going to hate this but the solution is to create content for each platform. This means for example taking a long post you’ve written on Facebook and cutting it down for Twitter, or using an image to share it on Instagram. This also means tailoring content to your audiences across different platforms as well as the format.
Here are a few do’s and dont’s
  • Don’t link your Facebook page to Twitter. Incomplete tweets with a link to FB is a hideous user experiences and you’re creating an extra click you may not need. Seriously how many times can I say this?
  • Do customize content for each platform. This means aspect ratio, size and format.
  • Do consider who your audiences are on each platform. For example the people who follow you on Facebook may be very different to those who follow you on Twitter. Create content for them.
  • Do host video natively on Facebook. What does this mean? Upload it to your page It creates a much better user experience, naturally attracts higher organic reach and doesn’t take users away from your page.
  • Do share from Instagram to Facebook. BUT! Please tailor the content to Facebook. This means removing hashtags and tags. They look ugly on Facebook. if you need to tag a brand, do it manually in Facebook. Noob.
  • Don’t link LinkedIn to anything. It’s just awful.
  • Do announce to the world you’ve written a new wonderful blog post but don’t do it automatically. So often people forget this and half a assed post is shared. Get your post perfect and they create piece of copy that complements the blog post you’ve put effort in to creating.
  • Do whatever the hell You want on snapchat. That’s what it’s for. Just don’t take photos of your junk. Deal?
  • Do cherish YouTube and don’t link it to anything(ok maybe Twitter if you aren’t aren’t creating a card). Consider it in isolation for hosting and sharing. No one wants to wait through an ad or see weird stuff show up as suggested content afterwards. Even if its a video of a hamster eating a miniature burrito.

Branded cigars for your brand?

Branded cigars for your brand?

Straight up, Cigar smoking isn’t a healthy alternative smoking and I do support the current tobacco laws in Australia.




I love the occasional cigar and have for years.

How cool would it be to create a range of branded cigars for a client or campaign. I came across these Sons Of Anarchy branded cigars a few weeks ago and for an Aussie my mind exploded.



How is this possible?


Well.. America. The land of the free.


Besides lax tobacco laws, this product is a great fit for the show considering Clay (Ron Perlman) smokes a few Camacho’s every episode.


These have been available since 2003 from Cigars International

m-soaash01 m-soal01 cs-bck


Snapchat’s Rio Live – so much yes.

Soooo.. I wasn’t going to get up at 5am and watch the World Cup Final.. but thanks to Snapchat they’ve taken a bunch of user stories and put them together.

The result? For a few minutes you live the experiences of people travelling to, watching, cerebrating and commiserating the final between Argentina and ze Germans.

I managed to screenshot most of the snap I received into this .GIF. Enjoy.

Gif town

The CIA is trying to be cool on Twitter

We’ve gotten to a stage where every brand, business and even government organisation has thought about what their role in the social media space is. Some have decided to give it a miss, and rightly so. Some organisations do not need to communicate with the public and some just shouldn’t.


Hello trendy people, i'm a large faceless organisation organisation. Hashtag Selfie.
Hello trendy people, i’m a large faceless organisation organisation. Hashtag Selfie.

For others, they’ve just reserved their handles and are as yet to decide whether they will invest in a social strategy. For the CIA(Central Intelligence Agency), the @CIA handle has been idle for some time  until June 6 when the first tweet was launched into the twittersphere:

The opening tweet that went viral
The opening tweet that went viral

This has pretty much set the tone of the agencies tweets with content such as



Worst spy agency ever.
Worst spy agency ever.
Can we stop talking about Ellen?
Can we stop talking about Ellen?
Ours is faster than yours so there.
Ours is faster than yours so there.


Now i’m all for taking a lighthearted approach to content, but in the case of the CIA this is an organisation that has been involved in some pretty heavy stuff over the years (from what’s unclassified) and is involved in the security of Americans both at home and abroad. Is it really appropriate that it takes such a casual approach to social when most others don’t. I’m on the fence on this one, but i’m leaning towards “Hey CIA, stop trying to be cool, you aren’t”.

Much of the criticism has come from twitter users in relation to the agencies patchy history of torture, coup d’états and other rather shady and unethical operations over the years.


Leading intellectual, this kebab shop in Dalston
Leading intellectual, this kebab shop in Dalston
Crikey writer Bernard Keene steps in
Crikey writer Bernard Keene steps in

I’m unsure what the agency is hoping to prove by being “cool” but one has to assume they have a strategy in place with this content supporting their objectives. Are they hiring? Do they have a huge public image problem? Well yes, they do have a huge public image problem but is quirky tweets the way to turn this around, um no. It’s not. The CIA needs to think much broader than trying to be cool to solve this.


But hey cudos to them for jumping on Twitter, they’ve definitely generated a huge amount of engagement with their tweets and have got everyone talking.

Melbourne Uni join Snapchat

Uni students love snapchat.. right? I mean the data points to it. So when Melbourne Uni announced they were launching a snapchat account it made sense. How are they using it? Providing updates for O-Week and replying to snapchats people send them. Even when I’m a jerk and ask for advice on the best Seagal film. Hats of to Melbourne Uni for giving me two good answers and using snapchat as part of their digital strategy, it should be interesting to see how it goes.


photo 1-3





Three Questions for Rebel Sport

You’ve probably seen this TVC during prime time television lately. It’s got a bunch of football players pushing a bus with their beautiful boots. Cool ad and it’s normal now for everyone to include a hashtag in their ads, cross channel integration right? Ok so Rebel sport hot tip, if you’re going to include a hashtag maybe learn what a hashtag is…. because they don’t have spaces. If you use “#the home of football” you are just using #the. So here are my three questions for Rebel sport to ask themselves before they spend a heap of money on another TVC.

1. Does anyone at Rebel Sport have any concept of what social media is? Like seriously?

2. Why did your agency not pick up on this?






Why I freelance reason #257 – Pizza

Freelancing for me isn’t really a money maker. Ask my tax agent he even tries to talk me out of doing it. But here’s the thing. Freelancing serves a number of purposes the most important being the ability to do obscure projects for friends and family. You see any work I do whether it be strategy, web dev or community management comes at an extremely somewhat nominal fee, rarely monetary. I once got a bottle of wine for designing a logo for a security business. Great wine though. And community management? Anything I charge mostly goes into social management tools and ad spend. How can I justify charging a friend $250 a month only to run a Facebook page with 1% engagement and slow growth. Ads are the norm and you know that learned reader.

Reason #257 is Pizza. Yes pizza from New Jersey, the garden state. I was recently there for a short 6 day trip and offered to build a website my partner’s father, in return I got some nice slices of his pie. Damn that is some good pie.